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Planning an active retirement

I had pensions and investments scattered all over the place. With a hectic job in the City I never had time to monitor or organise everything in a meaningful way.


I worried I was paying too much tax. I also realised that my hectic schedule wasn’t likely to slow down, so I needed to find a better way.

A colleague recommended I speak with the team at Bluecoat Wealth Management. I met with Robin and he explained their Retirement Life Planning process. He explained how it would be possible to consolidate my pensions and investments into a single strategy, making use of available taxation allowances.


At the Discovery Meeting we discussed the things that matter most to me. I don’t want to stay awake at night worried about my investments. I want to feel confident I can pass my wealth onto my children. I also don’t visualise ever slowing down. Even in retirement I want to continue to mentor companies and executives. We looked at my current holdings and realised I was taking to much risk.


It was also apparent I was paying too much in tax. We discussed different options and how we could migrate my pensions and investments into a single portfolio. 

Sailing Time

By using an online platform we could make use of tax favoured vehicles. Using Cashflow analysis were also able plan for when I can take step back in my career and spend time mentoring. We agreed my plan and put it into action.


My wife and I now have a single view of our finances, with online account access 24x7. Our tax liabilities are greatly reduced and we have peace of mind knowing that we no longer have to worry about double dip recessions, BP’s share price or the European financial meltdown.


I meet with Robin each year, before the tax year end, to make sure I’m on track and making the most of my allowances. I also speak with him on a regular basis about tactical changes. I have a tendency to be too optimistic in my view of markets and investments - he helps protect me from myself!

“I was worried. Every time I read the paper I knew I needed to do something about my finances. Using Bluecoat I’ve saved thousands in tax and can rest easy knowing my portfolio is being looked after.”

Charles Llewellyn, Chief Executive Coach & Mentor

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