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Take a step back in your career

I’d worked for a national news agency for a number of years. I was contracted to a specific publication, when they took the decision to build a team in-house.


If I wanted to stay, I’d have to join the team. The job was really stressful. I was exhausted with little time to do the things I enjoy. My dilemma: did I take a job I didn’t want, or could I afford to retire?

I’d been a client of Bluecoat Wealth Management for a number of years. I arranged an appointment with Robin to ask for his advice.


A few years’ earlier we’d consolidated all of my pensions and investments into a single portfolio, administered and reported on via the one system.



In our meeting we reviewed my current financial situation, looking at my holdings online. Robin then used cash flow analysis to understand how much money I would need to maintain my current lifestyle.


I was surprised to learn that, if I wanted to, I could actually afford to retire. I had the freedom to choose how and where I wanted to work, without worrying about the financial considerations.

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Robin created a plan to fund my lifestyle and allow me to take a step back at work.


Since implementing the plan I’ve taken a different and more satisfying part-time role with the agency. I’m taking income from my investments until I reach retirement and can start drawing my pension.


I take comfort in knowing that my portfolio is broadly diversified and invested using academically proven principles. So no matter what happens to the stock market, it’s stable enough to meet my lifestyle and retirement needs.


I now work on my own terms. And my new work/life balance means I have time to do the things enjoy, without worrying about the future.

“I now have the freedom to work as and when I want to. My investments provide the income I need and no matter what happens in the markets, I know I’ll always have enough to live the lifestyle I enjoy.”

Phil Swift, West Sussex

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