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Rely on your advisor

We’re retired and have numerous properties and investments we’ve accumulated over the years. We spend the Winter months cruising or at our second home in the sun. With three daughters, grandchildren and friends all over the world - our lives are hectic!


With our active retirement lifestyle we worried that we didn’t have time to deal with our affairs. We needed someone we could trust to manage everything while we’re away.

A personal friend suggested we get in touch with Robin at Bluecoat Wealth Management.


When we met he explained the Bluecoat Retirement Life Planning service. He outlined how he would be able to act as our Trusted Adviser and help us to manage our affairs from anywhere in the world.


At the Discovery Meeting we discussed the things that are most important to us. We want to maintain our active lifestyle, while mitigating the effects of Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax on a property we had recently sold. We also want to work with someone we can trust to manage our affairs and liaise with our Accountant.


He looked at our current investments and made recommendations for mitigating tax

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We discussed different tax efficient structures and how these could be used for tax planning purposes. We agreed our Plan and Robin made the necessary arrangements.


To help us understand the vehicles we would be investing in, he arranged meetings with a few different investment managers. This demystified what we originally thought was a complex strategy and helped us to take ownership of our Plan. He also introduced a boutique Private Bank with a focus on personalised customer service.


We’re grateful to have a Trusted Adviser looking after our affairs. Our core portfolio is diversified and not exposed to unnecessary risk. We’re also managing our tax liabilities and looking forward to leaving a lasting legacy for our daughters.

“We enjoying having a Trusted Adviser and knowing that our affairs are in order. Wherever we are in the world, we know that Robin is just a phone call away. His relationship with our daughters means they’ll be looked after too.”

Gerry and Helga, Retired

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