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Leave a legacy 

I’ve recently retired from a FTSE100 company where I accumulated enough wealth to take care of my foreseeable needs, plus a bit extra. Having grown up in Africa I count myself extremely fortunate and want to contribute to a school in a local village.


I really didn’t know where to start. I also had plans to spend time travelling between the UK and Africa, and wanted peace of mind that my financial affairs were being looked after.

I sought advice from Bluecoat Wealth Management as I was aware of their specialism in legacy planning. They walked me through their Financial Planning Process and the different options for creating a legacy.


They explained the importance of using Lifetime Cashflow analysis, to make sure I have sufficient money to achieve my goals as well as a contingency should anything change.


At the Discovery Meeting we discussed the things that are most important to me.

I revealed that outside of my plans in Africa, I wanted to help the school where I was educated in the UK.

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I also told them how wonderful it would be to help my daughter get onto the property ladder.

Bluecoat created a plan, based around the legacies I wanted to leave. They showed me how they could consolidate my investments into a single strategy, managing my Capital Gains Tax and other tax planning opportunities. Online access to my account means I can view my portfolio anytime, whether in Africa or the UK.


After discussing my options, we agreed my plan and put it into action. I now have an investment portfolio aligned to my attitude to risk and an account with the Charities Aid Foundation. We’re using the charitable trust account to optimise tax relief and fund the school in Africa. Income from my investment portfolio is being donated to my former school. And through other tax savings we managed to fund a deposit for my daughter’s first home.

“Bluecoat enabled me to create a larger legacy than I imagined. I could even help my daughter buy her first home. As I travel between the UK and Africa I get a warm glow of satisfaction, knowing my wealth is changing lives for the better.”

Margaret Smith, Retired Director, FTSE100 Company

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