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Often clients are unfamiliar with the financial advice process or have had a bad experience in the past.


We walk you through our structured process at the outset, so you always know what to expect.

Our Five Step Financial Planning Process begins with a Discovery meeting. We discuss what matters most and invest considerable time to truly understand your concerns, hopes and dreams. We ask you to visualise your ideal life - one that fulfils and completes you.

We then consider the obstacles and what might be preventing you from living this amazing life. We get you to examine what is standing in your way and how these obstacles can be overcome.

Working in partnership, we create your Financial Plan to set you on the path toward achieving your life's desires. We use projected cash inflows and outflows to determine the financial architecture that will be required to support your plan.

Once your plan is in action we remain in regular contact to communicate ideas, strategies and tactics. We regularly review your goals, circumstances and progress to ensure you remain on track.

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We had investments all over the place and were daunted by all of the paperwork.

We finally feel like we're back in control 

Why Bluecoat?

Our Investment Approach

Our investment approach is based on academic research. We don't rely on forecasts or intuition. We also don't believe in paying over the odds for active management. We want you to sleep at night and not worry about your investments.


Bluecoat is a multi-generational firm with people able to relate to the different generations of your family, ensuring continuity of advice and the success of your legacy. 

Our Independence

We're an independent firm. Our recommendations are based on a clear understanding of you, your current situation, goals and fears. With access to the entire market, you will always get the most appropriate solution to meet your needs.

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