What is financial life planning?

Financial Life Planning is a detailed process that starts by helping you to identify your heartfelt dreams and ambitions, establishes a plan to remove any blocks or barriers standing in your way, then structures your financial resources to turn your dreams into a reality.

Do you:

  • Lose sleep over whether you are doing the right thing with your money?

  • Distrust Banks and Financial Advisers when it comes to money advice?

  • Feel like you’ve buried and forgotten a long-held dream or ambition?

  • Think your Financial Adviser values the relationship with your money more than you?

  • Do you wish you had more time for yourself? More time for your pleasures, hobbies and interests?

  • Get bored by Financial Planning or does it cause you anguish?

  • Feel like you’ve achieved your potential in your chosen career?

  • Worry about stock markets and inflation? Or that one day you will run out of money?

Financial Life Planning can help you to break free. A Financial Life Planner will value and cherish the relationship they have with you – not your money. They will really listen and help you to discover what matters most in your hectic life.

Robin of Bluecoat Wealth Management is a Registered Life Planner®, one of currently just 40 registered in the UK, trained and accredited by the Kinder Institute.

Make contact today to find out how we can help you to create a Plan to deliver what you most desire. We believe that life is not just about money, but QUALITY OF LIFE.

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