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Bluecoat Sponsor Championship Powerlifters

Bluecoat are proud to have sponsored two aspiring young athletes who left Christ’s Hospital school last Summer; Josh Ngoka and Nonso Chinye, enabling them to travel and stay in Romania for the World Junior Classic Powerlifting Championships.

The competition took place in Cluj Napoca, Romania. The 7-day competition involved a total of 248 competitors in the junior category ranging from 19-23 years of age. Nonso and Josh were among them, defending their 2022 titles.

Nonso competed in the up to 120 kg weight class, and broke three sub-junior world records, squatting 308.5 kg, deadlifting 360.5 kg, bench-press 182.5 kg, totalling 851.5 kg. He would win the gold medal and extended the sub-junior deadlift world record by 40.5 kilograms.

Josh competed in the Men’s Over 120 kg weight class where he placed first in squatting 307.5 kg, deadlifting 320 kg, bench-press 172.5 kg, totalling 800 kg.

We wish them success in their future sporting and University careers.


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