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Robin becomes a Registered Life Planner®

We are pleased to announce that Robin is now a Registered Life Planner©, having recently completed his accreditation through The Kinder Institute of Life Planning. This means he is now able to provide a comprehensive Financial Life Planning service to Bluecoat Wealth Management clients.

The graduation ceremony was held at The Institute of Directors, on Pall Mall in London on June 10th.

What is Financial Life Planning?

Financial Life Planning is a process that takes financial advice to an entirely different level. It involves actively listening and asking incisive open questions to encourage clients to think about what they really want to achieve in life, then structuring their financial resources to support this.

Through the Kinder Institute of Life Planning Robin has been trained to unveil his clients’ deepest life goals through a process of structured and non-judgemental inquiry. Then, using strong communication and relationship-building skills honed at the Institute, he can inspire and help them to pursue their aspirations. He discusses and resolves any obstacles, then provides a detailed Financial Plan, guidance and ongoing communication to help them accomplish their objectives.

To arrange an obligation free, without charge Exploration meeting please get in touch.

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