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Has the budget date changes?

Last week Sajid Javid shocked Westminster by quitting as chancellor in the middle of Boris Johnson's cabinet reshuffle. Mr Javid dismissed the notion of firing his team of aides, as ordered by the prime minister, saying "no self-respecting minister" could accept such a condition, throwing the budget date into the unknown.

When can we expect the new budget?

Currently, there has been no formal announcement that the budget date will change; however, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has stated that it would be a matter for the new Chancellor' Rishi Sunak' to decide the date. With no further guidance from the government, the British population must assume that the date of the budget hasn't changed yet but may change in the future.

Bluecoat is still planning on presenting their Post Brexit Budget Brief on the 13th March 2020, but if the date of the budget does change this could delay the date of the briefing. Anyone who has already registered will be kept up to date with any changes to the event.


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