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5000 press-ups in 8 hours

The coronavirus crisis has hit society hard, but it has been heartening to see how society has come together to support those most in need – whether that’s through volunteering, charity initiatives, or simply being a helping hand for our neighbours.

Bluecoat is involved with a number of charity events throughout the year, and with this community spirit in mind, last Thursday saw David complete his charity challenge. Initially aiming to complete 5000 press-ups in 12 hours, he managed to complete all the press-ups live on Facebook in just 7 hours and 57 minutes (that’s one press-up every 5.7 seconds!), raising a fantastic £802.50 for the Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice.

Chestnut Tree House is a charity providing hospice care services and community support for children and young people with progressive life-shortening conditions in East and West Sussex and South East Hampshire. David’s efforts will help Chestnut Tree House provide their invaluable service to even more children in need this summer, allowing more families the opportunity to spend time together and create some special memories.

If you would still like to show your support, donations are still being gratefully received at

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