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Financial Life Planning

A seismic shift is occurring in the world of financial planning.

Traditional financial planning has tended to treat “money” – not people – as the client. Armed with calculators, spreadsheets and sophisticated software, financial planners have historically offered products and services focused on accumulating, husbanding, and then passing on monetary wealth.

Many people, however, have concluded that life means more to them than bank balances and spreadsheet projections. They are ready for a new way of looking at their money and their futures, one that provides a purpose-driven financial solution for truly rich and fulfilling living, whatever their age. This new approach is called Financial Life Planning.

Bluecoat Wealth Management is one of the few firms in the UK who have undergone intensive training with the Kinder Institute. All our advisers are working to become registered Life Planners.

Three reasons why you should create a plan for your life;

  • There is power in planning. When plans are carefully thought through and written out, they tend to come true, whatever the obstacles.

  • A life plan can serve as a guide, helping you align your deepest values, beliefs and goals with your earning power and financial resources so you can realise your dreams.

  • By combining proven investment strategies and an honest, heartfelt life planning process, you are quite likely to get where you want to go.

Think about it. It’s silly to slave-away at your job, save and invest your hard earned money only to retire and say, “Now what?”

What if you could work with an adviser who puts you – not your money – at the centre of the equation?

Imagine an adviser who first made sure they understood your deepest aspirations so all your earning power and assets could be harnessed to help you achieve your unique vision of financial and personal freedom, both now and later in life.

That’s Life Planning.

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